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Oliver Schmidhauser oli at
Fri Jan 13 11:50:53 CET 2017

Hello everyone

Some of you might be interessted to hear that Pass has been available on Android via the Terminal emulator Termux for some time now. This is the original Pass programm, and not the standalone Android app. To install it you need to install the Termux terminal emulator you can then install Pass with

apt update && apt install pass

Pass has been patched to support the Android clipboard (via termux-api), so for the "-c" option to work you need to install the Termux:API App and the termux-api package:

apt update && apt install termux-api


# Links:
Termux on Play store:
Termux on F-Droid:
Termux:API on Play Store:
Termux:API on F-Droid:

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