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Oliver Schmidhauser oli at
Fri Jan 13 18:44:09 CET 2017

> That sounds interesting. Currently with the standalone app, I use OpenKeychain for the encryption/decryption setup. How would this change under the Termux/pass solution?

Termux is a feature-rich Linux environment. It has a lot* of terminal programms that you know from a traditional Linux. The pass in Termux uses a full version of GnuPG (or alternatively GnuPG2), just like it's desktop counterpart.

*Some notable examples: vim, emacs, mutt, openssh (including server), python (2 and 3), ruby, nodejs, php, golang, perl, lua, bash, zsh, weechat, profanity, mpv, git, taskwarrior, tmux, tor, transmission.
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