Fwd: Generate new password for multiline entries

Lucas Hoffmann l-m-h at web.de
Sat Jan 28 07:40:14 CET 2017

Quoting Diego Depaoli (2017-01-27 21:42:11)
> So to hold it all together, I use a trivial two step  solution: first with
> edit subcommand I manually add an empty line at the top of the file, then
> with generate subcommand and --in-place flag i fill it.
> Is there any easier way?

You could try to temporarily use sed as your editor.  Something like

EDITOR="sed -i '1i\\
'" pass edit foo; pass generate -i foo 20

(take care about quoting in your shell you want the sed command to be 4
chars long, as a C-syle escaped string that would be "1i\\\n")

Happy hacking
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