[PATCH] Added way to insert files, modified help accordingly. Added -h as additional help parameter

HacKan hackan at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 01:44:04 CET 2017

I don't entirely agree with all you said, but implementing this as a
user extension sounds like an awesome idea! I'm doing it :D

Any guidelines or whatsoever? How should extensions should be written?

BTW, having a curated list for such extensions is a must have, like
KeePass does.


On 01/28/2017 05:12 PM, David A. wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Jan 2017 15:02:45 -0300, HacKan <hackan at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't think you should have added in the '-h' option within this
> patch simply because it's unrelated.
> I also think this error message should include the file name:
> 	die "File is not valid."
> It's all too easy to type something like "pass insert US Bank" and
> forget to escape or quote the space and then wonder why your error
> message is happening.
> Overall this is a fairly reasonable attempt at the solution.  However,
> I think it requires more pause for thought.  This patch expands the
> official scope of pass from being strictly a password only store to a
> general purpose encrypted store for any and all random files.  Heck,
> today it doesn't even officially support usernames in any meaningful
> way.
> This change in direction opens a huge can of worms.  The next obvious
> need would be to have pass launch whatever programs are needed to view
> whatever random files are stored.  That is a complete nightmare when
> you consider the cross-platform nature of pass.  Then there's the
> security implications of how to launch the decrypted file, where it
> might be stored while in use, will  it be removed when done, etc.
> Personally, I do like the idea of this patch and what it provides, but
> I don't think that pass should accept the overreaching implications of
> it.
> The fact is, the functionality of this patch already exists today in a
> slightly less obvious way.  That was already demonstrated in your
> earlier thread.  It's easy enough to have your own external script
> that makes this process seamless.  With the new extension capability
> that external script can now appear to be an official pass subcommand.
> That's the route I think you should go.
> On that note, I think Jason should add a section to the web page for
> browsing and downloading user written extensions.  Though I'm not sure
> the extension functionality is fully fleshed out yet.
> [the following not directed at HacKan]
> Too many people think that every little function they dream up needs
> to be built in to pass.  They forget that pass is intended to be a
> simple scriptable piece of the UNIX CLI tool chain which opens vast
> possibilities for extending the functionality.

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