pass-otp 1.0.0 released (migration required)

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera hugo at
Tue May 16 03:24:37 CEST 2017

Gee, I wish I'd been paying more attention to the list if I could have
contributed earlier.
I worked on totp-cli a long while ago which does basically the same --
but doesn't require users to craft an URI (just the key is enough):

TBH, I don't see the point of using an URI instead of the key (most
website merely provide the latter).
Maybe we can join efforts and get rid of split work being done? I've no
strong feelings about getting rid of totp in favour of a single project.

On Mon, Mar 20, 2017, at 18:31, Tad wrote:
> Hello pass users,
> I've released version 1.0.0 of the pass-otp extension. Here's a
> summary> of
> changes:
>  * New: `insert` command accepts `otpauth://` URIs directly.
>  * New: `append` command appends or replaces OTP URIs in existing
>  passfiles.
>  * New: `validate` command validates an `otpauth://` URI against the
>    Key Uri Format standard.
>  * Rename `show` to `code` for disambiguation from `pass show`.
>    `show` is>  still
>    supported as an alias.
>  * **Drop `insert totp` and `insert hotp` commands.** These were
>  cumbersome to
>    support and are obviated by key URIs.
>  * **Drop support for the 0.1.0 OTP passfile format.** Please see the>    "Migrating from pass-otp 0.1.0" section of the README for advice on>    migrating
>    your OTP passfiles from the previous version.
>  * **Drop support for entering OTP secrets as arguments.** This
>    practice>  is
>    prone to history leakage, which is (probably) why it is not
>    supported>    by
>    `pass insert`. Intrepid users may use `echo <uri> | pass otp
>    insert`,>    but
>    they should be warned to disable their shell's history feature.
> I apologize for changing the file format, but it is ultimately for the> best, as
> pass-otp is now fundamentally compatible with all third-party OTP
> authenticators
> which use standard OTP key URIs. I'm available to assist with any
> migration
> issues; simply reply to this mail or post an issue on github.
> You may download pass-otp from Github:
> Happy passing!
> Tad Fisher
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