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Manuel Strehl boldewyn at gmail.com
Wed May 31 16:29:17 CEST 2017


before starting to use pass, I wrote my own password manager, whose main
feature was, that it allowed me to put a password directly into screen's
paste buffer.

I've now re-created that feature as a pass extension:


It is basically a rip-off of pass's clip() function, but instead of putting
it in some system clipboard it uses screen's paste buffer.

For people not familiar with screen: It's a terminal multiplexer, and it
has a nifty feature, where you can copy and paste text to and from the
current terminal window. So, if you happen to have a password prompt in
front of you in one screen window, head over to another one, put a

    pass sclip foo/bar

in there, and paste the password with Ctrl-a ] back into the original
window. Works even without any X server/GUI/clipboard manager running.

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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