Extension pass-sclip

Manuel Strehl boldewyn at gmail.com
Wed May 31 23:26:17 CEST 2017

> Since you're using an intermediate file to send the password to
> screen, you should look into how pass uses /dev/shm for temp files to
> avoid writing sensitive data to disk.  I assume all the internal pass
> functions are available to extensions since they're sourced, so you
> should be able to just call tmpdir to get the same benefit.
Thanks for the idea! I'll definitively try it. However, if /dev/shm has
the same limitations as, e.g., /dev/stdin or traditional FIFOs, screen
will complain about it. Already tried that without success.

> Can you expand on what the benefit is of using the screen buffer
> instead of the clipboard?  I was thinking perhaps it would work when
> logged in remotely but after seeing how the buffer is loaded by
> running a local screen command to read a file I gather that's not the
> case.
In my case it's simply comfort. I work extensively in the terminal,
xterm + screen session specifically. More often than not I have Vim open
in one window and some string in another window, that I need to get
pasted in there (or vice versa). Then a quick Ctrl-a ESC, selecting the
text with vim-like key strokes and a Ctrl-a ] in the target window are
far quicker than the point-and-click method with the mouse.

So, when I need a sudo password on a remote machine or VPN credentials
or ..., it's something I can seemlessly integrate in my workflow. A
quick `pass sclip` and Ctrl-a ] e voila! I'm authenticated.


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