Announcing a new Browser addon: passB

Lenz Weber mail at
Tue Nov 28 20:58:02 CET 2017


I'm happy to announce that I'm releasing the first version of a new
browser addon for pass:

It is currently available available for Firefox, but as soon as I've got
some feedback and eveything works smoothly, I will start porting it over
to Chrome (and in the far future, out of curiousity, even to Edge ;) ).

passB is made to be configured to your needs, to different types of
password storage and folder layouts, so I hope it has covered most of
your use-cases out of the box. It something is missing or you need a
different strategy, it is easy to extend.

It is written in Typescript, with React & Redux, and everything has been
abstracted so far that I hope to get some contributions from you guys -
it should be fairly easy to extend even without too much knowledge in
these technologies, basic Javascript knowledge and some curiosity should
be enough to contribute.

Also, translations, a better icon or any other type of contribution is
very welcome :)

Really looking forward to your Feedback,


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