Till Schäfer till2.schaefer at
Mon Oct 30 20:33:25 CET 2017

I was wondering if there is any kind of inheritance possible with pass. 

Use case: I have several different Domains that all use the same credentials and have a single-sign-on backend. The entries in my passwordstore are named by the domain name. Now I would like to inherit e.g. the common password and login, but change the login url for each entry. 

Symlinking already did half the trick, but it is not possible to use different URLs for different domains in this case. 

So far I have not found any documented feature like this, but I really would like to see this feature implemented. The main problem so far might be that there is no standard file-format for pass and overriding by keys might actually force some kind of format. However, the de-facto standard already is "key:value" and implementing this feature would actually not hurt other implementations. Of course it would be necessary to introduce another keyword for the inheritance, too (e.g. "inherit ./pass/to/other/entry")

What do you think?


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