[PATCH]show: add line option + changed error message

Aldis Berjoza aldis at berjoza.lv
Fri Aug 10 19:01:26 CEST 2018

> Hi,
> This is my first time sending in a patch through mail (I'm more used to
> pull-requests) so I hope I don't mess up anything.
> I made two changes:
> When a user wants to access extra information stored in a pass file by
> using the line-number argument, it at least implies they're not
> accessing a password. The previous text assumed they do.
> The text now also reflects the different output possibilities.
> and
> Added a '--line', '-l' option to the show command to allow the user
> to access extra information stored using '--multiline', '-m'.
> This way they don't have to print out the password alongside the
> needed information or place the needed line onto the clipboard first.
> Added information about the option in the manpage.
> Added a test for this option to the show tests. (test passes)
> Hope they are of some use!
> Ruven Salamon.

Rather than line, I would suggest to select field.

For example:

  url: https://exmaple.com
  forums: https://forums.example.com

Now if you could use pass to select field

  pass --field url example/password

That would be killer feature. I myself do a lot of awk and sed to get
that sort of info in scripted manner. Selecting line by number wouldn't
be all that usefull in my opinion.

What to do if there are multiple fields with same name. Just pick first.

Sorry if this message is send incorrectly I received text digest (now
changed to mime digest) thus I'm not sure how to correctly reply.

Aldis Berjoza
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