PSA: critical security vulnerability in third-party pass-compatible software, "QtPass"

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Thu Jan 4 17:35:49 CET 2018

Hi folks,

"QtPass" is a separate project entirely from pass. It shares no code
with password store. However, the developer of "QtPass" hangs out on
this list, is part of the greater pass community, and "QtPass" is in
fact compatible and made to work with pass. Given the grave nature of
a recent software vulnerability in "QtPass", I feel like it might be
responsible to inform this list about it, in case there are any users
of this third party software here, despite it not actually being
related to the development of password store.

Bug report is here:
Fix landed in v1.2.1:

All passwords generated with "QtPass"'s built-in password generator
are possibly predictable and enumerable by hackers. The generator used
libc's random(), seeded with srand(msecs), where msecs is not the
msecs since 1970 (not that that'd be secure anyway), but rather the
msecs since the last second. This means there are only 1000 different
sequences of generated passwords.

If you're using this software, now would be a good time to change all
your passwords and regenerate them using a secure utility such as pass
(what this mailing list is about), or update to the latest version of
this third party "QtPass" software and regenerate from there. The fix
I proposed to the "QtPass" developers involves using Qt 5.10's
built-in CSPRNG wrapper, or /dev/urandom for older Qt versions.


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