A single text file as password store database?

Hörmetjan Yiltiz hyiltiz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 23:20:57 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I thought the `pass insert --multiline` command could be used to create
something like this:

login: myUserName
url: example.com

login: myUserName
url: *.google.com/*

However, it seems that is not the case, and never is. I tried concatenating
all the files that I imported to password store to a single line following
the above structure (password, login username, url and a blank line), but
`pass` doesn't seem to understand that. While I could still decrypt and
encrypt it and manage it myself, that defeats the purpose of using `pass`
to do it for me.

Is a single file as a password sore database ever supported, or planned to
be supported? I'd rather not leak information in a directory structure or
through the file names. Also, gpg compression should work better when
encrypting them all together; most usernames are shared, so the compression
will take care of it before encryption. So it improves performance and
security (something that barely goes together).

p.s. I think this should've been discussed before but couldn't find
anything related in the mailing list archives since last year (but didn't
look even further).


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