`pass less` with timeout

Danylo Hlynskyi abcz2.uprola at gmail.com
Thu May 24 14:21:18 CEST 2018

There is a little usecase that I use for credit cards secrets.
Basically, I save credit card details and secrets as a multiline password.
So I can't just `pass show -c my/credit/card` because I can't paste it into
any webform.

Also, I don't want to `pass show my/credit/card` because this precious info
now sits in my terminal scrollback. Urgh.

What I want is to `pass show` with a timeout, so information is visible for
some time, but eventually disappears. So I have time to copypaste details
into webform.

I've created a small function for this:

    function passless {
      pass show "$@" | timeout --foreground 30s less

It doesn't leave traces of secret in terminal scrollback and exits
automatically in 30 sec.

What do you think about adding first class support for such a feature? The
problem with my function is it doesn't have autocomplete - a huge drawback
in usability.

Or maybe there are better ways to store-and-fetch credit card info in
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