Remove display dependency on macOS for QR codes

Klaas Pieter Annema kp at
Fri Jan 25 09:52:16 CET 2019

I propose to remove the *display* code paths when generating QR
codes on macOS.
Display is only used when ImageMagick is installed, which is probably
true for the vast majority of macOS users who use homebrew.
Unfortunately, for *display* to work, ImageMagick needs to be installed
--with-x11 and Homebrew no longer supports options in core formulas[1].
Support for the --with-x11 option[2] was removed in line with that
This makes the --qrcode option virtually useless on macOS because
*display* simply does not work.
While it's possible for users to install ImageMagick through other
means, I think my preference would be to remove the dependency. The
output of *qrencode* is good enough. If users do need a better
option; requiring imgcat (as is already the case) seems like a much
better option.
Klaas Pieter


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