[PATCH] Fix for some flaws when using a key with multiple subkeys

Eddie Barraco contact at eddiebarraco.fr
Mon Nov 4 17:55:56 CET 2019

> > > When encrypting with a gpg key that has multiple encryption subkeys ONLY
> > > the newest encryption subkey is used when encrypting.
> >
> > Notes that you can use the encryption subkey fingerprint displayed with
> > gpg2 -K --with-subkey-fingerprint
> >
> Yes, I suppose you could do "pass init" manually with all subkey
> fingerprints(with an ampersand appended), which is what the patch is
> doing...

In fact I'm questioning the point.


If you are using subkeys, you just have to specify the subkey id.
Then you can add as many subkeys you want, pass will still be using the
specified one. It is also usefull to give sort of access permissions on
some pc that have or not have some subkeys.

I don't really see the point on giving pass the mind behind the subkey

It is strongly probable that I'm missing something. I'm sorry if this is
the case.
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