Wayland status

grmat grmat at sub.red
Tue Nov 19 13:03:33 CET 2019

Hi there,

I have two concerns regarding wayland:

1. the wl-clipboard patch has been upstream since February, but no
stable release happened since. As distributions already roll Wayland by
default, I think it would be reasonable to make a release to make
pass+wayland functionality hit the distribution repos.

2. wl-clipboard has a --paste-once option that clears the clipboard
immediately after pasting. I think it would make sense for pass to use
this feature, but make it configurable.

I could send a patch but I'm not sure if it's an option for upstream, so
here are my ideas first:

a) introduce a new env var, PASSWORD_STORE_PASTE_ONCE. If set, use the
option. Problem: xclip doesn't have the feature, hence the config
wouldn't work under X.

b) activate it without an extra variable, e.g. by setting

What do you think?


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