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Fabricius Flamen fabricius at
Thu Nov 21 13:00:45 CET 2019

Andrea Gazzaniga <agazza at> writes:

> I'm new to pass and I've just started adding my sensitive info into it.
> All was fine until today, after adding an entry, I get a line of
> unreadable answer when I ask the full list:
> $ pass
> Cc<...unreadable>C5L
> While if I ask  the list of a subfolder it works. Also QtPass can read
> the db just fine.

There is no db, just files that are stored in .password-store. Try
asking for list of all subfolder one by one to see what breaks
pass. Remove the bad entry and insert it again, maybe something went
wrong while saving that entry.

Pass uses this to find the list of entries:

tree -C -l --noreport "/home/<user>/.password-store" | tail -n +2 | sed
-E 's/\.gpg(\x1B\[[0-9]+m)?( ->|$)/\1\2/g'

Play with this to see what went wrong. If you are able to reproduce this
then tell us the name and subfolder of bad entry, just the name not

Fabricius Flamen
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