Problem listing password store

Fabricius Flamen fabricius at
Thu Nov 21 13:48:12 CET 2019

Vladimir Zhelezoff <zhelezoff at> writes:

> Sorry, can use only Gmail's web interface right now. Anyway I can recreate
> it by doing e.g.:

When you reply put the lists address from Cc to To and remove my address
from there.

> $ echo 'Hello pass' | gpg --encrypt --recipient PASSGPGID >
> ~/.password-store/.gpg
> $ pass
> Hello pass
> $ rm ~/.password-store/.gpg
> $ pass
> listing follows as expected...

Weird, this tree output lists everthing and doesn't break which I
believe is what pass uses to list entries. Yeah maybe it is this issue.

tree -C -l --noreport "/home/<user>/.password-store" | tail -n +2 | sed -E 's/\.gpg(\x1B\[[0-9]+m)?( ->|$)/\1\2/g'

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