Sublime Text and Tab Completion

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Tue Nov 26 19:30:26 CET 2019

Natalia Cruz <impoorbuthappy at> writes:

> On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 11:52 AM Liberius Clavus <liberius at>
> wrote:
>> > I'm using zsh and was going to try using bash but I was unable to get
>> past
>> > the first part which stated to make sure bash_completion was installed.
>> > Getting tab completion to work seems a bit more complicated and a bit
>> over
>> > my current knowledge base. I'm wondering if someone could give me
>> > step-by-step instructions on how to enable zsh tab completion on MacOS?
>> :)
>> I am not familiar with zsh, look at this zsh guide for completion:
>> Maybe this can help:
>> If you can't figure it out with these links then ask on their mailing
>> list or irc channel.
> Thank you! This worked! I love pass! <3
>> Please don't top post.
> Interesting. I've never had to do that before but I found an entire article
> that discusses list etiquette ;) Hopefully this is the correct formatting
> this time. I like to learn.

I see that you are new to this, please DO NOT send personal emails and
instead reply to the list. I just discovered all our conversations
didn't came from the list. Whatever client you are using should be
configured to reply to list, that helps everyone.

If you are not able to configure your client to do that then please
choose a better client.

Liberius Clavus
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