[PATCH] Allow GETOPT to be set externally to improve performance on macOS

Joe Horsnell password-store at joh.io
Thu Sep 5 21:38:51 CEST 2019

`brew --prefix <formula>` is a relatively slow operation (order of half a
second or more) and this is not considered a bug (see `Homebrew/brew`
issues 3097 and 3327).

The macOS plaform-specific script evaluates `brew --prefix gnu-getopt` each
time `pass` is invoked, which adds a noticeable delay, especially if `pass`
is called a lot of times (eg in a script that iterates over a large number
of entries in a pass store).

This change allows `GETOPT` to be set externally and `pass` will use the
value provided without evaluating the slow `brew` command.
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