bug: blocking the whole computer in some cases

Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetil.homme at redpill-linpro.com
Wed Apr 1 12:54:50 CEST 2020

On 01/04/2020 12.20, Lenz Weber wrote:
> The "asking" is done by gpg, pass has no way to check (or prevent) if
> any asking is done.

well, pass knows the decrypt failed, so it could ask the user whether it 
should go on to the next file after N failures.

> On 4/1/20 12:17 PM, J Rt wrote:
>> Ok, makes sense.
>> A 'more sophisticated' way would be to ask only once per key /
>> smartcard. But I guess this may be too much hazzle to implement
>> compared with the gain.
>> On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 12:10 PM Björn Fries <passlist at oern.de> wrote:
>>> Am 01.04.20 um 11:41 schrieb J Rt:
>>>> - I am using a smartcard for holding my private GPG key
>>> same here
>>>> - when calling pass grep without the card, my system is blocked, I can
>>>> do nothing to exit.
>>>> - both clicking ok and cancel in the question box asking if I can
>>>> insert smartard do not help.
>>> 'pass grep' opens every encrypted file to look for the searched pattern.
>>> pass doesn't know you use a smartcard for your private key. Every time
>>> you cancel the question box, pass invokes gpg for the next file and gpg
>>> asks again for your card.
>>>> - by contrast when doing a pass show for example without the card,
>>>> choosing cancel on the box asking to insert the card aborts and I get
>>>> my system back.
>>> Because pass then only invokes gpg once.
>>> Perhaps pass grep should stop after the first failure to decrypt a file,
>>> but I think this would be wrong, as it could be intented that in a
>>> shared passwordstore some files are not encrypted for a part of the
>>> different users.
>>> I would say [WONTFIX].

Kjetil T. Homme
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