GPG ID Set Outside of `.gpg-id`?

Jacob MacDonald jaccarmac at
Mon Apr 6 01:32:06 CEST 2020

> That makes a lot of sense, thanks for clearing this up for me.

No problem!

> I was hoping to have a way to reliably configure which GPG ID it
> prompts me about first

Still for decryption? I would assume that the prompt order for a
multi-recipient message is the order of the headers. I haven't
confirmed this, though. I did just encrypt a message with --recipient
flags in different orders, and the resulting files seemed to contain
the signatures in the order I passed them. However, I'm not sure if
that's specified behavior or just the way my GPG install works.

> I would like to have a PIN activated
> smartcard first (if plugged in), then fall back to another on device
> key, with a longer password.

I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with smartcards, as I don't use one myself.

Best of luck,


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