[PATCH] Suppress tr's stderr in the generate function

Nicolai Dagestad nicolai at dagestad.fr
Mon Dec 28 15:50:21 CET 2020

> One can set SIGPIPE to be ignored, this will be inherited by a child
> process during fork.
> If SIGPIPE is being ignored, then it looks very much like `tr` *will*
> output an error message, as then `fwrite` will fail and output an error
> judging by this code:
> https://github.com/coreutils/coreutils/blob/fb64712c4d79a542bae533034c6c4802eae555fd/src/tr.c#L1585-L1587
> My theory: Someone has set SIGPIPE to be ignored, for the process that
> spawns `pass` (and your test).

Seems like that was it, I recently switch terminal to foot and the problem is not present in my
previous terminal. The issue is not with pass then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Thanks for the help 👍

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