Can't decrypt my passwords: gpg: decryption failed: No secret key

Journeyman jman at
Mon Feb 3 09:49:53 CET 2020

Am 02.02.20 um 23:32 schrieb Milan Andric:
> Going a bit further, does anyone have a good link/guide to managing
> passwords and backups in a secure way?

When you have your passwords GPG-encrypted, the only thing that you
really care is your GPG private key, so an offline backup
should work: an SD card (like you mention) or on a smartcard.
If you want to backup it up on a third-party cloud storage (dropbox,
google drive, Amazon S3, ...), consider having a strong passphrase.

I also keep a backup of the encrypted passwords on a remote private git
repository; from time to time I sync my local ~/.password-store
directory with a "pass git push".

So in case of a disaster, I re-import my private key from the offline
backup on a fresh Linux installation, git checkout my passwords and I'm
all set.

Hope it helps.


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