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branson matheson branson at sandsite.org
Wed Feb 5 00:00:54 CET 2020

Ran into an issue where 

echo "password" | pass insert foo/bar/baz 

was in shell code.. and ran but:
  - should have had '-e' expressly on the C/L 
  - created ~/.password-store/foo/bar .. but no baz.gpg
  - returned no visible error because the read's tromped the input lines

Was frustrating to review the code using sh -xv and see what transpired.  A simple fix offered for this:

> git diff master
diff --git a/src/password-store.sh b/src/password-store.sh
index 77f3eda..ed7927a 100755
--- a/src/password-store.sh
+++ b/src/password-store.sh
@@ -459,6 +459,9 @@ cmd_insert() {
    $GPG -e "${GPG_RECIPIENT_ARGS[@]}" -o "$passfile" "${GPG_OPTS[@]}" || die "Password encryption aborted."
  elif [[ $noecho -eq 1 ]]; then
+   if ! [[ -t 0 ]]; then
+     die "use -e if not interactive"
+   fi
    local password password_again
    while true; do
      read -r -p "Enter password for $path: " -s password || exit 1

Happy days.
branson matheson
branson at sandsite.org

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