pipe w/o -e

branson matheson branson at sandsite.org
Wed Feb 5 13:17:28 CET 2020

I am ok with that approach as well  .. if pass printed a "failed" message when using stdin and no passwords are created... it doesn't because the 'read' calls take over the output and squash it... perhaps echo to STDERR vs STDOUT?

branson matheson
branson at sandsite.org

> On Feb 5, 2020, at 04:07, Amir Yalon <quoiceehoh-20180826 at yxejamir.net> wrote:
> Minor correction: either one of -e and -m would work, but in most non-interactive cases, -m is what you want.
> I agree that it makes sense to prompt the user for a repeat only if [[ -t 0 ]], but then it raises the question of bug-for-bug backwards compatibility (i.e. if existing scripts in the wild have come to expect the second prompt). So, in the patch, maybe just issue a warning when [[ ! -t 0 ]] but proceed as usual.
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