Supplying GPG key password into Pass command

Anne Jan Brouwer the_jinx at
Fri Feb 7 19:50:01 CET 2020

Why work around GPG? 

Your GPG key doesn't need to have a passphrase.

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  Anne Jan Brouwer

On 7 February 2020 19:44:02 CET, Louis ProtonMail <louiscb at> wrote:
>Hi guys,
>I’m trying to build my own custom extension to Pass and I’m wondering
>if there’s any guidance on piping (or equivalent) in the password to
>the associated GPG key so that you don’t have to use the pop-up GPG
>input box. An example of what I mean (that doesn’t work) would be
>something like:
>>> echo my_password | pass email/gmail
>>> password_for_my_gmail.
>The reason for doing this is so that I can run a script that will call
>the pass command on a remote server.

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