Support multiple creadentials per host in importers

kirtan gajjar kirtangajjar95 at
Sat Jan 4 13:14:31 CET 2020

Hello there,

This is my first contribution to pass and also my first contribution
through any mailing list. So apologies beforehand if I do something silly.

I was trying to import my lastpass data through the script and I found out
that pass was only storing one credential per domain. i.e. I have multiple
github accounts in my lastpass(client, personal, etc...), But the script
was only saving the last password, or it was overwriting previous
passwords. So I made changes in the lastpass import script to ensure that
it saves all the passwords.

What it does is simply instead of creating an entry for ``, it
wll create entry for ``.

LMK if this change is acceptable for you people, I can do the same changes
for other import scripts if you are happy with this. So anyone doing `pass
find github` might be able to see your username, but that works for me. If
you have any better way of handling it, please let me know.

 I've attached the patch file here:
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