curious: why use own hosting rather than github?

pedro.frazao apf-qpss at
Fri May 22 17:18:03 CEST 2020


I'm a frequent user of "pass".

I never sent a path, report a bug, or request any functionality.

But I like to read the mailing list, to know about the evolution of
this great software. :-)

I have a github account, but I'll not follow a discussion there.

Probably a mailing list is not the best tool for follow issues, bugs,
etc, but is a great way to share comments.

best regards

* Phil <ph17eas+pass at>:
> > subscribing and posting on a mailing list is way easier
> Just a few days ago I had to register at this mailing list to respond
> to an older thread. Does anyone how you accomplish that?
> I searched a bit if I could get mailman to send me a thread again,
> didn't find an option. Figured I can view-source the web-archive to
> find the correct header so it becomes recognized as a response.
> Tried to do this on the web-UI of my mail provider (which is a
> throwaway account, I don't want to end up with my own domain in search
> results for eternity), but my mail ended up as a new thread
> nevertheless.
> After this experience, I clearly can not see how mailman is easier to
> use. This is a very basic feature, mailman is out for ages and still
> no one meant to implement/document such a basic functionality.
> There are a lot of other issues regarding mailing lists, which I don't
> mean to discuss, as they've either being mentioned or discussed in
> other places thoroughly over the past years.
> I don't say "go use GitHub", but I truly disgrace this elitist stance
> of *mailing list or nothing*. I'm a "new contributor" and it took me
> more than 30 Minutes just to ask when there is going to be an upcoming
> release. I guess it boils down to what the goal of a project is and
> who you want to collaborate with, but the more artificial entry
> barriers you create, the more you'll end up with the exact opposite of
> a diverse contributor crowd.
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