curious: why use own hosting rather than github?

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Mon May 25 13:33:44 CEST 2020

> Are the patches lost because a mailing list is a bad communication
> channel, or are they lost because the maintainer does not care enough
> about the project to actually collect the patches, review them and
> integrate them? In the second case, the maintainer could equally ignore
> pull requests made through github/gitlab/whatever.

I do not know, but I feel sympathy for the maintainer there, in the
meaning that it must be really quite hard to keep an overview of the
issues vs patches vs noisy discussions like this one ^^ . Maybe I am
just very ignorant of some tools that can be coupled to mailing lists
and that can make life easier, but I can see how the mailing-list
based collaborative development workflow can become quickly
unmanageable. At least having everything gathered, cross-referenced,
tagged, with permalinks to the code, etc, in an issue tracker, may
help a bit... But may be wrong of course.

> Also please, don't reply above the text you are referring to.
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