paste once (on wayland)

grmat grmat at
Mon Nov 23 15:31:42 CET 2020

On 23/11/2020 15:06, tho wrote:
> oh this is very nice! do you have any idea why it wasn't merged?

No. I assume I unintentionally hid the patch because it was not the top
of the thread, but I'm not sure if it woul've been merged otherwise. I
think the chances are higher if we include what Henrik proposed, so the
functionality stays on par in between wayland and X.

> p.s. i hope i'm doing everything right, this is my first time replying
> in a mailing list (i pressed g in mutt, group-reply)

Please reply to the list instead and omit quotes that are not necessary
("top posting").

Generally, when sending patches, you should try git-send-email(1)

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