TRS-80 trs-80 at isnotmyreal.name
Tue Oct 27 19:42:31 CET 2020

The problem, in case any one is interested, is that I think the list
must be set with a very strict filter on the sender's email address.

I was trying to send from pass.my_real_email which is not a real email
address (only the base part is, i.e., my_real_email; neither of which
I want to post in the body of a post on a mailing list).

I do this all the time though on other lists, and it has worked so
far.  I noticed that the email that shows up on the list is just the
base email.  But it does go through.  But not this time, apparently.

I have never handed out the base email address to anybody (until
today) and I really don't like doing so.  Need to come up with some
other solution, I guess.



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