pass list

Pierre Prinetti pierreprinetti at
Wed Apr 14 11:23:23 UTC 2021

I want to use pass in a system menu that isn't dmenu.

When I look at passmenu[1], I see that most of its complexity is about
printing a list of password names.

If pass was able to print that list, I wouldn't need any plugin and I
could wire that up in my compositor configuration.

Example tree (current behaviour):

$ pass list
Password Store
├── one
├── two
├── folder
│   └── three
└── four

Example flat list (proposed behaviour):

$ pass list -q

I propose that pass prints a flat list (instead of a tree) when:
* `list -q`; and/or
* `list --flat`; and/or
* `list` is piped; and/or
* other ideas?

I am willing to write a patch if we find consensus.



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