Question: What is best practice for storing binary file attachments?

Matt Taylor matt at
Mon Aug 2 02:15:01 UTC 2021

I'm a 1Password refugee, and over the course of time I've come to like
the ability of 1Password to be able to store small binary files, and
so I've got several entries with files attached.

I'm creating an importer for 1Password(prior to v7) -> pass (the
existing ruby one is good for simple user/pass but kind of falls down
on more complex cases, and the URL parser is a bit brutal in how it
constructs file paths)

I'm liking the passff/browserpass directory structure and will be
using that as most of my passwords do in fact belong to websites.

I _think_ it might be as simple as

The problem is that the file is going to be a lot of 'binary junk',
and I don't want to confuse any 3rd party apps that might want to read
the password-store, or the pass command itself.

I could base64 encode the files, but that might be unnecessary, and
I'd like to keep things as simple as possible.

Perhaps it is a non-issue and I'm over-thinking it, but if there is
any helpful advice it would be much appreciated.



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