[PATCH] emacs: Add Custom Variable to Exclude Fields from Minibuffer Read

Tino Calancha tino.calancha at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 09:49:43 UTC 2021

On Mon, 2 Aug 2021, Hugo Heagren wrote:

> Given the way the function is written, leveraging the
> password-store.el library, this would have to be a change to that
> library. This patch is that change: add a customizable variable
> `password-store-read-ignore-fields', which is a list of strings, and
> possibly the symbol `secret'. Defaults to an empty list.
> Accordingly, modify `password-store-read-field' such that it does not
> present any of the fields with names in this list as candidates. If
> `secret' appears then it does not present the password. The use of
> this is explained in a docstring.

Thank you for the patch,

IMHO, `password-store-read-field' should _always_ read all the fields.

Users with a strong need to access often to one particular
field, are better served with a new specific command
(possibly, with a new keybinding for it).

I don't think this is the responsability of `password-store':
it should be implemented on top of it.

This is what you've proposed with `ivy-pass--username-action', and I think 
That is also the way that pass.el follows.

Best regards,

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