[feature suggestion] copy one line, print the rest

jman password-store at storiepvtride.it
Fri Jan 8 11:27:24 UTC 2021

Tobias Girstmair writes:

> having this feature in pass, would allow it to be handled in a single call to 
> gpg.
> your script (and the current "manual" approach) requires two decryptions. with 
> a physical token,
> that's very slow.

definitively agree.

Possibly the script can be tuned to have a single "pass" invocation and
then mangle the output, outputting all but the first line.

If you have an OTP secret you might want to avoid outputting that line.

I guess my point is that with a bit of scripting "pass" can be plied to
other use cases without adding complexity to the tool (and have pass do
one thing well).


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