zsh completion with PASSWORD_STORE_DIR doesn't work well

Stéphane Clérambault stephane at clerambault.fr
Tue Jun 8 17:52:51 UTC 2021

Hello guys,

Thank you for maintaining this awesome tool !

I encountered a small problem about zsh completion with a custom 

I wrote this function in my zshrc:
  function rpass () {

  zstyle ':completion::complete:rpass::' prefix "$CUSTOM"
  compdef _pass rpass

I don't know very well the zsh completion, so maybe I did something wrong. The 
result is, completion works fine if I write `rpass <tab>` but if I write 
show <tab>` it shows the tree in ~/.password-store.

After a debugging session, I found the following line in _pass completion 


When I remove this line, it fixes the problem without any drawbacks (for now). 
I didn't understand what exactly this line do but it seems related to my 

Do you have any suggestions ?

Thank very much.
Stéphane Clérambault
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