Linux: pass show not showing the secret

Amit Saha at
Sat Nov 6 23:13:46 UTC 2021

Hi all, a fairly new user of pass. I am using a git store for my
passwords. I started using MacOS and have been using it on a single

Now, I have set pass up on a second system (Linux), and using the
1.7.3 version on Ubuntu, when I do "pass show" one of the existing
passwords, the Gpg dialog pops up, I put in the password, then there
is no output. However, I can "pass insert" a new password on the same
system, and then "pass show" shows the secret.

I can go back to the other computer, and I can see the secret I
created on the Linux system.

I have used my existing gpg keys to encrypt and decrypt a file successfully.

Not sure how to  best debug. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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