Pass Generate Hidden

Nathan Lilienthal nathan at
Wed Nov 10 16:17:26 UTC 2021

Oh nice, the -c option basically does what I want, thanks for pointing
that out. If I really need to hide the output without copying, I can
always redirect to /dev/null. I mainly just wanted to see some
confirmation without the password.

There is still some value to my request for a flag to suppress the
password printing however, since, call me crazy but I really do like
to perform a second call to pass so that I can decrypt the new
password, thus ensuring it's saved correctly and that I know the
master password for its store. My ideal workflow is this:

pass generate <name>
# No password shown / leaked
pass <name> -c
# Master password prompt
# <name>'s password copied

This way I can choose to print it or not.

Anyway, thanks again.
- N8

On Tue, Nov 2, 2021 at 3:48 AM Greg Minshall <minshall at> wrote:
> Nathan,
> > Is there an option (or could there be) for `pass generate ...` to not
> > print the new password? I always like to test the decoding anyway,
> > plus it would be more secure.
> maybe i'm misunderstanding, but i always do `pass generate -c ...`.
> cheers, Greg

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