pass ln: for symlinks

Radon Rosborough radon.neon at
Sat Jan 29 04:56:48 UTC 2022

Hi friends,

I've used Pass for several years and I've always wanted a 'pass ln'
command, for creating symlinks within the password store. This is
useful when the same website uses multiple separate domains, which
should be treated interchangeably for the sake of password management.
(Example:,,, etc.)

My current workflow is to go into ~/.password-store and create
symlinks manually, e.g. 'ln -s
~/.password-store/'. Once symlinks are created, they work
exactly as expected for autocompletion, both at the command line and
in all the clients I use, including Browserpass and the Android app.
The only inconvenience is I have to create the symlink and make a
commit manually.

My proposed new subcommand would go like 'pass ln [--force,-f]
old-path new-path', and it would have just about the same semantics as
'pass mv' or 'pass cp', except that it would make sure to always
create relative symlinks to avoid accidentally depending on the
location of the user's home directory or anything like that. The
advantage would be correct autocompletion while making the symlink,
and integration with Git like for the other Pass subcommands.

I see that an idea like (or the same as) this was first brought up in
2015 and briefly discussed, but never implemented [1], and in 2020 a
patch was submitted but apparently never merged [2].

I'd be happy to spend some time seeing this feature through to its
finish, including adding tests and completion scripts if desired.
Would such a contribution be accepted? If so, I'll follow up with a
patch for feedback.

Best regards,
Radon Rosborough

P.S. My email configuration filters out mailing lists, so I'd love it if you
could cc me on replies to this thread.


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