Keep commit message header short

Tim Rice trice at
Fri Feb 3 23:58:58 UTC 2023

>No worries, I can look at making a patch which will do this. Thanks for the feedback.

Several months later, I finally found some time to dedicate to this :)

I've attached another patch which moves the information about latest keys to lower in the commit messages.

~ Tim
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diff --git i/src/ w/src/
index 22e818f..41d99b5 100755
--- i/src/
+++ w/src/
@@ -346,9 +346,10 @@ cmd_init() {
 		mkdir -v -p "$PREFIX/$id_path"
 		printf "%s\n" "$@" > "$gpg_id"
-		local id_print="$(printf "%s, " "$@")"
+		local id_print="$(printf "%s\n" "$@")"
 		echo "Password store initialized for ${id_print%, }${id_path:+ ($id_path)}"
-		git_add_file "$gpg_id" "Set GPG id to ${id_print%, }${id_path:+ ($id_path)}."
+		commit_msg=$(printf "Set GPG ids%s\n\nNewest GPG ids:\n%s\n" "${id_path:+ in $id_path}" "${id_print}")
+		git_add_file "$gpg_id" "$commit_msg"
 		if [[ -n $PASSWORD_STORE_SIGNING_KEY ]]; then
 			local signing_keys=( ) key
 			for key in $PASSWORD_STORE_SIGNING_KEY; do
@@ -362,7 +363,8 @@ cmd_init() {
 	reencrypt_path "$PREFIX/$id_path"
-	git_add_file "$PREFIX/$id_path" "Reencrypt password store using new GPG id ${id_print%, }${id_path:+ ($id_path)}."
+	commit_msg=$(printf "Reencrypt password store with updated GPG ids%s\n\nRecipient GPG ids:\n%s\n" "${id_path:+ in $id_path}" "${id_print}")
+	git_add_file "$PREFIX/$id_path" "$commit_msg"
 cmd_show() {

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