[PATCH] Fix show -c/-q with large entries

Thomas Dupond thomas at dupond.eu
Tue Jun 13 07:54:44 UTC 2023

Hello Andrew,

Le 2023-06-12 à 18:43, Andrew Stryker a écrit :
> That the maintainer is not regularly responding to messages on this
> list is not new. Jason seems to be quiet for a long time, pays
> attention, applies patches, and makes a new release.

OK I wasn't aware of this, it's good news!

> There are a couple of options if this is not meeting your needs:
> 1. Investigate gopass: https://www.gopass.pw/. Same idea, written in
> go (not BASH), and targets passwords management within a team 
> environment.
> 2. Fork the code in a friendly way. You can apply patches, take pull 
> requests, and have all the kinds of fun that comes with maintaining
> a project. If done right, this would be a great benefit to the 
> community of folks who use pass. There's a lot to be said for having 
> a communmity of folks maintaining a project, rather than one 
> individual. That said, Jason has successfully made good design and 
> code choices over the years.  His choices have made the code robust 
> and maintaible.

Thank you for your recommandations :)


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