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Linus van Pelt linus.van.pelt at
Sun Mar 19 09:11:22 UTC 2023


I noticed a strange problem, maybe on my side only.
When I use "pass -c" the password is copied for the given time and
cleared afterwards from the clipboard. So far perfect behavior.
But if I use a tool to keep my clipboard history, the password is
exposed and won't get deleted. I totally understand that this is my
fault to use such a tool.
The only thing that raised me to wonder if this is ok is if I grab the
password from "KeepassXC" with "command C" the password is not exposed
to the clipboard history tool. It simply doesn't show up as if it never
had been copied at all, but I can paste it for the given time and it
disappears afterwards.

I'm using gnupg and pass installed from homebrew.

pass 1.7.4
gnupg 2.4.0
libgcrypt 1.10.1

KeepassXC 2.7.4

CopyClip 1.9.8 is the clipboard history tool.

Would be great if someone can give me a hint why this is happening.
Simplest solution, get rid of "CopyClip", but sometimes it proved helpful to
grab a older entry.

Thanks in advance

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