pass generate without writing to store

Douglas Silva doug.hs at
Sun Oct 1 13:55:43 UTC 2023

I'd like to have that too.
The syntax would probably have to be changed from

pass generate [--no-symbols,-n] [--clip,-c] [--qrcode,-q] [--in-place,-i | --force,-f] pass-name [pass-length]

to this:

pass generate [--no-symbols,-n] [--clip,-c] [--qrcode,-q] [--in-place,-i | --force,-f] [pass-name] [pass-length]

And then in the script we would detect the missing "pass-name" argument and skip saving.

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Em domingo, 1 de outubro de 2023 às 9:44 AM, Ondřej Synáček <ondrejsynacek at> escreveu:

> I'm wondering if it's possible to have `pass generate` just return
> the generated password to stdout without providing password name.
> The reason is that when I have pass installed on my system, I know
> it creates password and would like to use it as password generator
> too for other stuff.
> Second reason is that I want to write my own wrapper around pass
> to augment the functionality and would like to re-use the logic
> for generating password. My wrapper would have different way
> of creating passwords with custom UI so at some point I only
> want to have just the generated password available.

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