using a second OpenPGP card

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I hope I'm right here with my question...

I do use password-store for some years together with an OpenPGP card in
my Linux cellphone (Purism L5) with a tree of some 300 credentials. I
acquired a second OpenPGP card and will set it up in my second L5 and
want to use the same credential there by just copy over the
~/.password-store with SCP from one L5 to the other.

I read in the man page pass(1) that when I run

$ pass init 2nd-openpgp-key

it will detect that the new key differs from the old one (stored in
~/.password-store/.gpg-id) and will reencrypt all files with the new

This is the point which raises questions in me:

pass (i.e. gnupg) for sure can't decrypt the files, because the
first key sits in the other phone. What means 'reencrypt' exactly? How
does this work?

After having done this 'reencrypt' of the tree in phone 2, can I SCP
back the tree to the phone 1 and use it there?

Thanks in advance for enlighten me a bit and overall thanks for this
perfect tool.


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