[PhotoFloat] Install woes

Andrew Greenlaw andrewgisme at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 01:31:24 CEST 2013

  Hello, everyone.

  I'm trying to get Photofloat to work on an Ubuntu 12.04 box running
apache2. I've RTFM'd, then installed and checked all listed dependencies;
using Pillow 2.0.0 for the PIL library.

  "make" in web and main.py both run properly, and I should have an album
set up with 6 files in it.  Unfortunately, when I load up the index.html
page in chrome, I see no photos.  Instead I see a gray background;
"PhotoFloat" in white, and "Powered by PhotoFloag" in orange and blue.

  I can surf to <index.html path>/js/scripts.min.js and css/styles.min.css.
 Apache treats both as text files.

  I'm attaching a directory tree of the photofloat install, showing all
file permissions.  All directories adn files show as owned by www-data.

  My intention is to get this tool working on the Unbuntu 12 dev box, then
install it on a Beaglebone Black as a basement webserver.

  Any ideas on what's wrong?

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