[PhotoFloat] [PATCH] Multiprocessing/threading of 'thumbing'

Joachim Tingvold joachim at tingvold.com
Wed Oct 23 00:25:01 CEST 2013


So, having pictures with high resolution it took a while to process 
(i.e. 'thumb') images. At least when I had many of them. Eventually I 
got tired of all the waiting for 'thumbing' (-:

I'm no Python expert, so I had to fool around some, but eventually got 
it working;


There are some notes regarding this;

  - Interrupt makes the script go stale. I honestly never hit interrupt, 
so I haven't bothered looking into it.

  - It only does multiprocessing of all Photo.thumb_sizes, which 
basically means it only utilizes 5 threads. In other words; going from 8 
cores to 16 doesn't improve speed. Anyways, for now this improves the 
speed by 5 times (assuming you have at least 5 cores).

  - It uses N threads, where N is the number of total cores on the 
system, minus one. Hence, people having f.ex. 2 or 4 cores should 
probably override this setting if you want to utilize all cores. I did 
the 'minus one' to avoid it using all cores (leaving one for other stuff 
on your system).


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