[PhotoFloat] python ValueError: time data '0000:00:00 00:00:00' does not match format '%Y:%m:%d %H:%M:%S

Dennis Ortsen dortsen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 22:37:04 CET 2014

I’m starting a new thread on this topic since Tom Talpey made me aware of continuing a thread which had nothing to do with the subject. (Thanks Tom)

OK, this is what I mentioned to keep things clear and usable:

first mail message:

Sadly I’ve run into an error, I’m not that much into python, perhaps someone has encountered this before and can pinpoint me?

I’m running an updated Ubuntu 14.04.1 and a git clone of PhotoFloat from this week. When running the scanner’s main.py, somewhere along the process an image is found with a different date/time format:

2014-12-11T23:11:48.670837   |  |--[thumbing]      IMG_3092.JPG -> 800px
2014-12-11T23:11:49.343290   |  |--[thumbing]      IMG_3092.JPG -> 1024px
2014-12-11T23:11:50.295564   |--[caching]       Liza
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./main.py", line 23, in <module>
  File "./main.py", line 17, in main
    TreeWalker(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])
  File "/var/www/photofloat/scanner/TreeWalker.py", line 16, in __init__
  File "/var/www/photofloat/scanner/TreeWalker.py", line 55, in walk
  File "/var/www/photofloat/scanner/TreeWalker.py", line 76, in walk
  File "/var/www/photofloat/scanner/PhotoAlbum.py", line 68, in cache
  File "/var/www/photofloat/scanner/PhotoAlbum.py", line 51, in _sort
  File "/var/www/photofloat/scanner/PhotoAlbum.py", line 323, in __cmp__
    date_compare = cmp(self.date, other.date)
  File "/var/www/photofloat/scanner/PhotoAlbum.py", line 319, in date
    correct_date = datetime.strptime(correct_date, '%Y:%m:%d %H:%M:%S')
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/_strptime.py", line 325, in _strptime
    (data_string, format))
ValueError: time data '0000:00:00 00:00:00' does not match format '%Y:%m:%d %H:%M:%S'

How can I find out which file(s) the scanner is choking on? Or perhaps someone can tell me in which order the scanner processes file (alphabetically, order by oldest or first folder/file)?

Thanks in advance.

For what it’s worth: I’ve added a second ip address to my ubuntu for ease of Nginx configuration and thus it’s not accessible from the Internet (I’ve port forwarded http and https on a different ip address).


Later I replied to the above with this message:

Should anyone encounter this in the future, I corrected the exif information in the affected images (which was wrong anyway) using exiftool.

(helpful links: http://dimitar.me/change-the-date-and-time-or-any-other-exif-image-meta-data-of-pictures-with-ubuntu/ and https://fitzcarraldoblog.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/exiftool-comes-to-the-rescue-when-i-need-to-fix-the-date-and-time-in-a-batch-of-photo-files/)

It turned out that certain images taken by a certain camera a few years ago had a correct file creation time, but the Date/Time Original fields were indeed set to all zeros.

I’m not a programmer, If I could, I’d like to help to include a check when scanning the images that if such exif information was found, the scanner would report them (on the running screen for instance, perhaps a summary at the end) and skip the failing images.


And Tom Talpey answered the following on that:

The latest git has a fix for this, btw. When there is no date-taken
tag, it falls back to using the timestamp of the jpg. I don't think
the distros have picked this up.

This doesn't really have anything to do with auth (subject of thread).

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