[PhotoFloat] [video] nasty bug

Martin Dimitrov martian at mafiainc.net
Tue Feb 24 16:55:18 CET 2015


I've tried a video branch of PhotoFloat 
(http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/photofloat.git/log/?h=video) and 
it seems there is some nasty bug which I just found when watching 
fullscreen images and viodes.

Here is how to reproduce:
1. Open album that contains mixed photos and one or more videos
2. View an image in fullscreen (activate from the photo-bar)
3. Browse images by using keyboard arrows
4. When you reach to an video you wont see anything (let assume this is 
fine, because full screen video mode should be enabled from the video 
5. Press Esc to get out of photo full screen mode
6. Using arrow keys navigate to some video file and play it, and show it 
in full screen
7. Again using arrow keys try to switch to some photo. It also works if 
you get out of video fullscreen mode and again try to to see some photo.

The result is that photo is not displayed at all, even if you change the 
album. The only way to get out of this situation is to refresh the page 
from the browser. I can reproduce this in latest versions of Google 
Chrome and Firefox browsers.

I notice that the important part to reproduce this is before playing the 
video in full screen, also to try some photo in full screen.

When I tried to use browser DOM inspector I noticed that actually the 
HTML img tag doesn't appear anymore after this full screen combinations. :-/

Martin Dimitrov

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