[PhotoFloat] Spring cleaning (video, preloading, threading, updated JS-libraries, etc)

Tom Talpey tom at talpey.com
Tue Jun 9 15:52:15 CEST 2015

On 6/9/2015 9:46 AM, Ken D'Ambrosio wrote:
> On 2015-06-09 02:54, Joachim Tingvold wrote:
>> On 2015-06-09 07:03, Ken D'Ambrosio wrote:
>>> * Is there support for video in there, or do I have to merge it?
>> There is support.
>>> * If it *is* in there, how do I fire it off?
>> Same way you add images? Put videos in a folder alongside images, and
>> the rest should be done automatically when running the scanner.
> Hmmm... was afraid you'd say that.  'Cause I'd tried doing a run-through
> yesterday, to no avail.  So this morning I watched more closely:
> 2015-06-09T09:39:07.963233   |  |--[metainfo] VID_20120704_203314.m4v
> 2015-06-09T09:39:07.985125   |  |--[unreadable] VID_20120704_203314.m4v
> 2015-06-09T09:39:07.988561   |  |--[metainfo] VID_20120704_203615.m4v
> 2015-06-09T09:39:07.989159   |  |--[unreadable] VID_20120704_203615.m4v
> ...
> 2015-06-09T09:43:46.797335   |--[metainfo]      MVI_0107.AVI
> 2015-06-09T09:43:46.819019   |--[unreadable]    MVI_0107.AVI
> 2015-06-09T09:43:51.512913   |--[metainfo]      MVI_0143.AVI
> 2015-06-09T09:43:51.514731   |--[unreadable]    MVI_0143.AVI
> All the .JPG files work fine.  I'm running on Ubuntu, and have installed
> libav-tools.  Is there something else I need to do for transcoding,
> which is what I'm assuming is failing?

Did you clone the "patches" branch? Joachim's base branch is Jason's
stock version.

	git clone -b patches http://git.jocke.no/photofloat

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